In 1835 landowner Asa Packer began clearing a tract of land in an area known as Black Creek, which today is the town of Weatherly. At first the small town was the prefect stopping point for the engines that took the coal from Eckley Miner's Village to Mauch Chunk, but soon the road proved to be too steep.  

     By 1840, the Railroad Company moved their machine shops and foundry to Weatherly giving the town a permanent existence.  The influx of people brought about a need for better roads and soon workers began building one of Pennsylvania's first concrete roads.  Naming the road after the spectacular river that runs parallel to it seemed like an obvious choice.  Lehigh Gorge Drive, known to locals as the Weatherly-White Haven Highway, joins Weatherly to Jim Thorpe and the Western Poconos

    Soon after the road was finished,  a local entrepreneur decided to provide food and entertainment for passersby and built Bill’s Park and Zoo, complete with a reflecting pool and petting zoo as well as the best food in the area. Bill’s Park and Zoo has metamorphosed a great deal since then. 

    Today owners Brian and Judi Kunkle call it the Weatherly Country Inn and though the petting zoo and reflecting pool are long gone excellent food is still its trademark. Chef Brian Kunkle has prepared meals in some of the finest restaurants in the Pocono Resort areas before relocating to Weatherly in 1995. He brought his famous recipes with him but not the high prices the resort areas are known for.

    So after a day of bike riding through the Lehigh Gorge State Park, riding the rapids of the Lehigh River or if you just want to take a ride through beautiful countryside on the Audubon Tour, stop at the Weatherly Country Inn to see why our motto is “Gourmet Meals at Affordable Prices."